When to use LinkedList over ArrayList?


Yeah, I know, this is an ancient question, but is so common  among beginning developers that I think it deserves a blog post.

The short answer is that almost always an ArrayList is what you want. LinkedList is almost always the wrong choice, performance-wise. There are some very specific algorithms where a LinkedList is called for, but those are very, very rare.

There is one common use case in which LinkedList outperforms ArrayList: that of a Queue. But even then, if your goal is performance, instead of LinkedList you may also consider using an array (if you can determine an upper bound on your queue size ahead of time, and can afford to allocate all the memory up front) or a Circular buffer. For more details you can check my post that explains in more details why the LinkedList is slower.


  • Use LinkedList when you need a Queue, or when all your insert operations are done at specific points and you don’t need to traverse the list repeatedly (often) to find the insert positions.
  • Use ArrayList for anything else.

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