Interval Round Timer for Windows Phone

Interval Round Timer is the best interval timer on Windows Phone. It is easy to use, it looks great, it has landscape support and big controls.

I wrote this application because I didn’t liked the fact that almost all timers on Windows Phone have really small slider controls to set the parameters and I spend half of my workout time setting them. I needed a simple application without all the “cool” features that make me loose my concentration, so I removed everything that I didn’t used and I wrote the simplest interval timer there is.

The main page

You have only 3 parameters to set: number of rounds, round duration and rest duration. All three have BIG dedicated controls, you tap on them and you write the value using the numeric keyboard. Is as simple as tapping your pin.

No more slide bars.

No more slide bars. The interval editor is really easy to use, and the big text on the screen make it accessible for everybody.

Your settings are automatically saved, so next time you open the app you will see the latest workout you did. If you want you have the option to load a preset. For this just swipe to the left on the main page.

List of presets.

The actual timer is launched after you press the ‘start’ button on the application bar (on the bottom). It is a simple, minimalistic, flat but good looking text page, it supports landscape mode, it has sound effects for round start, stop and so on… and it has really big text. So big that you can see it from the distance when you are working out.

Big text and Landscape mode.

If you like this application you can download it from Windows Store (link below) and don’t forget to rate it.

Download from Windows Store

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