Value Standards


Tracking the standard is valuable but not everything in the standard is equally good.

Standards are good for a lot of reasons but primarily because standard means consistency on steroids. In short following standards means being consistent not only with your but with other organization’s rules too. This is cool because other organizations can be the ones such as Microsoft, Google or Apple and guess what? These companies build their tools and libraries around the standards. That said, standards can scale!

Expert Chunking

Following standards will make you find experts easier. It will be easier to integrate new team members into your organization. There is a big chance that if they worked in another company they followed the standards and in that case, they already know the rules. If not, the rules are well documented on the Internet, you don’t have to maintain a documentation.


If you follow the standards you can benefit from the tools developed by big companies. It’s like having the best experts writing libraries and analysis tools for you. How cool is that?

Focus on the important stuff.

Standard libraries and tools allows us to focus on important things and stop arguing about stuff that doesn’t matter. Standard libraries are very well written these days, and we shouldn’t roll our own data structures, multi-threading etc.. implementations unless we really need to do so. For example, by using standard thread implementations we can leverage some static analysis tools that can find deadlocks and other dangerous patterns before run-time. Build machines, libraries, documentation tools, costs a lot to implement, and are hard to maintain and document. Why do it yourself when you can use standard tools that are well tested, proven, scalable and usually open source?

Not everything in the standard is equally good

Not everything in the standard is good for your company. That’s OK, standards are very generic and they won’t fix every issue in your organization. Value the standard, make use of it, but don’t idolize it. Every project is different and has specific issues to solve. Make use of all standard rules and tools where you can, and roll your own procedures and implementations when the standard does not meet your needs.

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