Why I don’t use Android Annotations anymore

Android Annotations

In case you don’t know, I am talking about this project. If you check out the sample codes it looks great, the ultimate nirvana, the best thing since sliced bread. The idea behind the library is that you can have your Android code less verbose and be more productive without loosing speed; the annotations are processed during compile time. Or at least in theory.

In practice it’s not as cool as on paper. I used this library for most of my Android projects but not anymore. The thing is that Android Annotations can be very annoying. The fact that you end up having two activity classes is very depressing. Also all the @Click and @ViewById magic is actually harder to read, harder to maintain, harder to debug. No joke, after all this time I honestly prefer the verbose Android code. I removed Android Annotations from all my projects and now I am happier than ever. Code is simple, readable, explicit. Probably it’s a matter of taste, but I ended up hating Android Annotations with passion.

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