Don’t worry, be crappy!

Mister Guy Kawasaki and lots of other Lean Startup evangelists, often say that we should first ship and then test and improve. While I can agree with the idea that developers often spend too much time with unimportant stuff, the Lean Startup ideas often translates to: do not implement anything, just do things manually, don’t waste time automatizing things, write crappy software then wonder why nobody uses it, then, of course, blame it on poor marketing.

Too often the Lean Startup dogma is used as an excuse to write poor software or even worse, to skip the developing process altogether saying that you can ship faster that way. Ship what??? I think this is simply wrong. If you are a software developer who wants to sell software, you better start to actually write a decent piece of code. You shouldn’t spend a lot of time optimizing it or making the code beautiful until you validate your idea, but if your application is crappy as hell, you can’t possibly validate your idea. People won’t use your crappy code because it is actually crappy! not because your idea is wrong.  Frankly, I wouldn’t spend my money on these kind of “applications” and I bet you wouldn’t too. Maybe I am wrong, I am a developer, not a business man, but my development philosophy is: do not ship applications I wouldn’t use or buy myself. guy kawasaky


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