Reasons why Linux is NOT better than Windows or OSX

Just watched this video and I know that there are many Linux enthusiasts out there that constantly propagate this bullshit. I love Linux, I use Linux and that’s the reason why I think the community should stop bashing the more popular operating systems and start learning from them.

There is no conspiracy here, nobody is stopping Linux to be mainstream on desktop, there is no evil empire (Microsoft). The reality is that almost all Linux user interfaces are still crappy and videos like this creates false expectations. Users try Linux hoping for the ultimate OS and they leave the OS forever in disappointment! Now let’s see some bullshit examples:

Linux is free to use and free to obtain.

Sounds good, but this also means poor customer support, a lot of shitty and unstable distributions and so on. Everybody say that the community will help you, but the community is usually telling you that you are an absolute idiot for not using the console, that your question is stupid, that you should recompile the app or the kernel, that everybody should learn how to code etc.. This is by no means customer support.  You can’t convince a medic or an artist to use Linux under these terms. Most users have absolutely no interests in software engineering, they just need a computer that works!

Different desktop environments to suit the variety of user needs. 

This translates to fragmentation. Every environment has a learning curve and this is bad. Most users do not have the time to learn a new desktop environment. Some of these desktop environments are changing with every update, crash in random places are inconsistent and sometimes memory hungry. KDE really pisses me of with the whole “revolutionizing the user interfaces” thing. They ignore the fact that most users want consistency, simplicity. The lack of real revolutionary changes in Windows and OSX  is exactly the reason why these operating systems are so popular and loved by users!

Stable code base. 

Linux fanatics always brag about the stable code base, but they forget to mention what distribution has that superb stability that is far better than Windows or OSX? Frankly I used  Fedora, CentOS, Kubuntu and Ubuntu and never felt comfortable to update my machine. I don’t say that Linux is worse than Windows, but is not better either. I don’t speak about servers, but desktop environments.


Until now, the only Linux based desktop I would recommend to my friends is Ubuntu. Ubuntu is one of the most hated distributions in the Linux world, the evil OS that made a pact with the devil (Amazon). I love Ubuntu because it’s simple, relatively stable, the UI is consistent, doesn’t change substantially with every update and they have good support. Also the Ubuntu community is really friendly and understands the fact that some users are not hackers.

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5 thoughts on “Reasons why Linux is NOT better than Windows or OSX

  1. alright, some points that are not completely wrong– but can you prove youre not really bryan lunduke using a pen name and a picture of a distant cousin?

    id have more patience for the back and forth between linux fanboys and “open source” types that seem to be operating under the subconscious assumption that osx is “a perfectly good linux distro, probably the best one of all” (sic) if they werent always loaded with enough vitriol and ad hom to make a 12-year-old girl cut herself. and its rarely one-sided, its just two groups trying to out-sleeze each other. just saying.

    1. Shame on me, I didn’t even knew who Bryan Lunduke was! Sure I can prove it :)) I hate Open SUSE with passion, so I’m not Bryan. Also, I prefer the Windows vs Linux war. It’s more entertaining for me. Apparently Microsoft is still evil after all these years and Linux is simply a victim of the evil empire, but other than that, it’s perfect in every aspect.

      1. “Microsoft is still evil after all these years”

        why would it suddenly turn good? i know that getting rid of ballmer is great for appearances, but its not like they have different partners, different sources of funding and an entire new board.

        “Linux is simply a victim of the evil empire, but other than that, it’s perfect in every aspect.”

        it has more problems than ever, and not just because of microsoft. although it is getting increasingly difficult to install an os on there, which we *can* thank the requirements for windows 10 for. try building something for booting on uefi sometime. uefi is practically its own operating system, ive got a friend working on booting *despite* it. hassles we just dont need. dont get me wrong, mac and windows are perfect too! i mean they have no problems that cant be solved with a smarmy rebuke from an industry puppet. thats good enough for me.

        1. I agree, Microsoft still has a log road to redemption but I am glad they are making progress. They started to contribute to the open source world, even to Linux to some degree and this is great. About the boot sector, that’s a shitty situation. I never worked with UEFI but I imagine it’s a total mess. Just the fact that we can dual-boot Linux and Windows on the same machine is a miracle, even though if you install Windows after Linux, you are screed.

          1. so far, youre a lot more reasonable than bryan lunduke once youre talking with someone. hes very cocky and i dont think hes very honest, though you seem to be out for something other than just the blood of reasonable people 🙂 im curious if the things you dislike about linux and the things i dislike about it are the same things– probably not. but i never thought it was perfect, and im not even sure its getting better lately. i would say the whole thing is in damage control mode. its not pretty to watch– i wont be switching back to windows, though.

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