Loop player ported to Android


Finally, I had some time to port my Loop Player application from Windows Phone to Android.  Both the original and the Android versions are far from perfect, but it helps me while practicing the guitar. They’re perfect for my needs.

I had some difficulties with the Android version because I needed to add playback speed support and sadly, older Android SDKs do not have built in support for this. In order to add playback speed for older Android versions I used an alternative audio player called ExoPlayer with some horrible hacks. The code is a mess, the library is a total mess but the end result is usable. The whole application took me a few hours to complete, less than 10 hours, including the crappy icons, banners and store listing. So don’t expect Hollywood quality app :).  In the future I will improve it, I will add background playback support, improved graphics and icons and of course any suggestion from the users :). For details click here.

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