KDE Slimbook a Laptop for KDE Fans


KDE and Slimbook announced that they will release a brand new laptop called KDE Slimbook. The product will be priced around 700-900 Euros and it has good specs.

I find nothing special about this laptop except for the price that is a little bit high and the fact that it comes with KDE based Linux installed. To cite the creators, the motivation behind this laptop is:

“We were not content with the quality of laptops available on the market. The majority shipped with proprietary and locked-in software solutions, filled with not-uninstallable bloat where the user was left at the mercy of whatever the company selling them a laptop saw fit for them to work with.”

What to say, this is the usual “We want to save you from hell”,  they sound like religious zealots. Honestly I hope that, at least this time, KDE will learn to make stability, predictability and consistency their main priorities, otherwise this amazing machine won’t run after the next KDE update that will: revolutionize the whole desktop environment by changing everything that was good in the previous version with crappy and unstable new features that nobody requested. Anyway, I guess KDE fans will love this, but I wouldn’t buy it.

For the record we are in year 2017. There are tons of laptops that are sold with Ubuntu installed. You can also opt for the Free DOS version and install whatever you want. So if you were “not content with the quality of laptops available on the market” I think you should search harder.

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