Ionic 2 , ReactNative , NativeScript – What is the best for mobile dev?


Mobile development is a big thing today. Since the advent of modern smartphones, the development has reached its peak and new development tools are constantly created. We have many frameworks designed to simplify the mobile development for multiple platforms and choosing the best one, became a difficult task.

It is difficult mainly because all of them are crap! If you know Java and Swift go with native. These frameworks are so bad and full of bugs that it’s actually faster to write two versions of the same app than patching your way to a stable release. It isn’t about the user experience, some of these frameworks run relatively OK on new hardware, it’s about accessing features specific to each platform such as notifications, file system, ads, in app purchases, Facebook integration, email, settings etc..

They say that you have plugins for everything you want, but they forget to mention that most of the time we talk about unfinished, buggy, third party plugins. Another problem is the documentation, or the lack of it. Also the build tools for these WEB frameworks are really bad and poorly documented, debugging the transpilled code is a nightmare. In my experience it’s simply more difficult to make a stable product using these frameworks. For me it is faster to write two versions of the same app in two different languages.

I know that there are situations, when you simply don’t have the resources to develop for multiple platforms. In that case I think that the approach used by Basecamp is better.


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