Goodbye Object Oriented Programming


I just read this article and it  pissed me off. There is a whole anti OOP movement going on these days and I suspect this is mainly caused by the raise of JavaScript and the army of so called “coders” who uses it chaotically.

The author of the article is capable of writing  tons of words about why OOP is bad, ignoring the fact that his words contradicts all the best practices related to OOP. He’s even kind enough to give us examples, proving that he has absolutely no idea about OOP and that he made all the classic mistakes in the book.

Sure, if you use it wrong, OOP is bad. But if you take some time to actually learn it, then OOP is actually great. I wanted to write an extensive blog post about the problems with his arguments but his article it’s so full of logical fallacies that I won’t even bother. I’ll just say this: When you read this kind of articles, please, make sure to read about OOP and SOLID programming too. Try to understand the benefits of OOP in case of big teams and projects. Be realistic! If the majority of the software you currently use is written using the OOP paradigm, then it can’t be that bad. If the best developers in the world are just fine using OOP then maybe you have a problem, maybe you don’t really understand OOP and you should sit down and learn some software engineering.


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