Project management a la Google for small companies.


As a passionate developer, I often read about the development process in big companies such as Google. I find it amazing how they scaled to such an incredible size, their project management chain is state of the art. But how about applying their ways in a regular sized company?

In my humble opinion this is a big mistake! The reason why Google works the way it works is exactly because of its size. Google is a very large company with, probably, more than ten thousand developers. they need a lot of rules and processes in order to keep it sane! As a small or medium sized company you have the luxury to be a little bit sloppy. You don’t have to follow a lot of rules and you can do the fun stuff all day long. You don’t actually need time tracking,  extensive documentations, rigid processes, 100% code coverage by unit tests etc… For most companies, I simply can’t find any reason to implement all those processes, it’s overkill. Sure it is OK to do unit testing when it makes sense, write documentation when code is not enough, do some continuous integration, but don’t be strict about it. This is one of the advantages of being small! You can get away with a few good rules. This is good, because that way, developers are happier and live longer 🙂 . I guess it is OK to idolize Google, I do it all the time, but that doesn’t mean we need to copy all the things they do, we should keep things as simple as possible and add rules only when it hurts 🙂 .

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