Loosing my keys


I lost the signing keys for one of my Google Store applications and I want to share with you, what to do in this case.

Sadly you can’t do anything . I contacted Google and they said I can’t update that application anymore. That application is basically lost. Well… this is rubbish! They said it would be a security risk to change my keys. I tried to reason with them, beg them: dear Google, ask me anything, I can prove it is my application!!! Noup, even if you prove it is yours, you can’t change the public keys submitted to the store, it’s a security risk.¬†No Google! It is not a security risk, it’s just laziness and bad services! I actually paid for my Play Store account and I can prove I am the owner of that account based on that payment. Changing my public keys is just a matter of changing a record in your database. I have no problem with the fact that my app is lost, that’s¬†entirely my fault! I have a problem with Google’s bullshit response. Anyway, the morale of this story is: don’t be as stupid as me and make backups of all your keys.

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