Stolen Snowboard in Zell am See

Me and my snowboardLast week, when I was in Zell am See on Kitzsteinhorn, I left my board on one of the snowboard docks, unsupervised. In Austria everybody does this, nobody worries about thieves. So I left my board there while I took a walk and when I returned, surprise: my board was gone!

My first reaction was, of course: PANIC!. I started to look around desperately, even called 112. They obviously laughed at me when I told them what my emergency was. I mean, dying is an emergency, missing snowboard not really 🙂 . Anyways I looked around desperately and I noticed a board, very similar to mine, rented from InterSport. That’s good news, it means there is a chance somebody took my board by accident so.. there is a hope.

I ran to the first InterSport rental shop I saw and asked for help. They shattered my hopes! I begged of course: sir, there is a board outside, just like mine, please scan it, call the renter and check if he took my board by mistake? The answer: NO! NEIN! NIET! I was devastated, I couldn’t sleep all night long. My board was gone.

The next day I went to lost and found: nothing. I also went back to the crime scene hoping that the dude who took my board will bring it back to the same place, but again: nothing. I looked around and then I saw again, the same rented board, was still there! OK, almost sure, the numbnuts who took my board doesn’t even knew he took the wrong board. I went back to InterSport with fierce attitude and made them to scan that board. They had no choice, I was desperate and angry! They gave me the name of the dude and the hotel. I called the hotel, and after a lot of chit-chat I finally found the idiot. He was happily riding my board and he didn’t even knew it was a different one. He didn’t noticed that my board had different bindings, no InterSport written on it, etc etc. But the good news is that after one day of horror, I finally got my board back.

2 thoughts on “Stolen Snowboard in Zell am See

  1. This is horrific!
    Their customer service is awful.
    Good for you that you are so tall and muscular and you could intimidate them to scan the board.
    You must be still traumatized, pour soul.

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