Implicit programming


I just read this article from DHH and I must confess, it has a point, although,  I am a strong believer in explicit programming or as I like to call it idiot proof programming. This is because I mostly worked on large or very large projects with lots of team members and of course junior programmers.

In that case you must be explicit! There are no shortcuts here. If you write a server in C++ be as explicit as you can or pay the consequences. But for my personal projects, where I am the only idiot who writes code? Hell yeah, I am as implicit as I can! Why? Because development speed really matters to me. My personal projects are small applications written in my spare time, just for fun. I don’t want to waste any time on them. I don’t expect them to grow at enterprise levels and I am the only one who needs to understands them. So yeah, in that case implicit is good.

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