Kotlin – first impressions

I just played a little bit with Kotlin, a fairly new programming language, that will be the default language for the Android platform. My first impression is good. It seems like a decent language with nice syntax but I won’t use it for my personal projects in the near future. Of course if somebody pays me good money, I will gladly write a program in it  🙂 .

My problem with these “new kids on the block” languages is that they quickly vanish from the public attention and you remain stuck with a project written in a poorly supported language. Note that this is not the first attempt to make Java less verbose, for example there is Groovy, another great language that never made it to the top. The thing is that Java is good enough for most needs, it is familiar, it is OLD, proven, supported. Java works, and works for more than a decade. It can be painful sometimes but that doesn’t matter. The single fact that I don’t have to worry about the development environment is a big plus for me. I just want to write cool programs, I don’t want to waste time with unstable development tools even though I like to experiment with all of them.

For more info watch this awesome presentation:

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