Top JavaScript Libraries to Learn in 2018


As you may know, there are tons of JavaScript libraries out there and probably will be even more in 2018. While this is, arguably, a good thing, cuz everybody is free to write whatever library or framework wants, I think that you should be insanely stupid to think that as a software developer,  you should learn some specific JavaScript libraries in order to do your job.

We are engineers and our job is to get the work done! Sure, if a library solves an important problem in our application and saves us a lot of development time,  we may choose to use it. But spending our time learning random libraries and then pushing those libraries in our projects even if we don’t necessarily need them and bloat our clients with extra code…  it’s crazy. What’s more crazy is when dudes like Eric Elliott, who have lots of followers, poisons the mind of young developers with articles like this and suggests that anyone who doesn’t know his favorite libraries is an idiot.. and then, these developers learn all the fancy libraries and still don’t know how to write a simple ToDo app.  I think developers should focus primarily on solving specific problems, baking useful application, making software. So in 2018, you can try something different: make an app in your spare time, and if you need a library, use it! I think you will be surprised that most of the time you won’t need any 🙂 .

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