PWAs are coming to iOS 11.3

Good news for WEB fanatics, Ricky Mondello from Apple announced on Twitter that Safari will have support for Web App Manifest and Service Workers which means multi-platform PWAs are now possible.

PWAs or Progressive Web Applications are basically enhanced web apps. When the user regularly returns to the app, browsers will invite him to install it to the home screen and then, when the user clicks on the installed app, it will run in full screen. PWAs can also benefit from push notifications, run offline, have their own home screen icon, access some hardware… in some ways PWAs are similar to native apps, until they aren’t.


While this is good news, because we finally have a way to write cross platform PWAs, what saddens me is the thought that this will actually lead to gazillions of idiotic articles like this and even more crappy PWAs that should have been written as native apps. I can’t wait to try out the new audio players written in React+JavaScript. Frankly who needs battery life and nice user experience when you can listen your favorite music in a website that runs smooth as a crocodile in the dessert. Ahh silly me, I forgot that JavaScript is faster than C and NodeJs rules them all…

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