How you can develop Progressive Web Apps that feel native


Probably many of you already know that, PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) are apps that can run in the browser or in a standalone window and can take advantage of native OS features, such as push notifications and the ability to work offline.

Recently they’ve got a lot of media attention because they seem to be the best option for developers who want to reach many different platforms, but there is one problem: they don’t feel native out of the box. If you read articles related PWAs, you’l notice a lot of them are trying to give you advises regarding how to make your apps feel native, but none of them are really solving this problem so I decided to write a few words myself.

But enough talk, let’s cut it to the chase. I will give you a killer tip on how to make your app behave exactly as a native one. In order to make our app feel native, we must make it FAST!. First you get all your JavaScript CSS and HTML code and put it into a single folder. Let’s call it Recycle Bin. Then you clean that folder using the native function from your OS and see all your web crap deleted by some beautiful native code… ahh sweet revenge. Then you learn some fucking Java and Swift, maybe C++ and start developing native apps 🙂 .

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