I still like jQuery, Is that a sin?


No seriously, I work a lot with Angular (right now with Ionic) but I also maintain some server side rendered projects where I use jQuery… and after all this time I still love it.

Everybody say that jQuery is that dark library from the middle ages of WEB development, that inevitably leads the callback hell and spaghetti code, that should be removed from every project, manipulating the DOM directly is the living hell, but for God’s sake, in my case everything is so easy with jQuery, just toggle some classes, hide elements use selectors and BANG!💥 my code is working. No decorators, no classes, no custom components, no nothing, just a server side rendered pages with small enhancements. I still love this approach. I know it can be messy if you are not careful, but I’m careful! and I think that if you are careful too, you can still benefit so much using this approach. SPA and client side frameworks are good, but there are still many use cases where server side + a pinch of jQuery can be a lovely alternative 🤟.

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