You can reach me directly at arpytoth@gmail.com. You can also follow me on Twitter  and sometimes I also write on Medium.

About me and this blog

My name is Arpad Toth and I’m a software developer. I started programming in high school and during this time I mainly coded in Pascal, Assembler and Delphi. Around 2005 I started my higher education, I actually have a  bachelor of science degree in Computer Science and a masters degree in Web Technologies and during my university years I also worked as freelancer and I made good money from PHP , FoxPro and Java applications while, in secret, during the nights, I fell in love with C. Also I joined a medical research team as a programmer: they did the research, I did the software. Two of most notable papers we published where:

After graduation I started to work as a professional software developer for Computer Voice Systems, first as Java developer writing desktop applications then as C/C++ developer on the backend side, then as team lead / architect for various projects in various languages. Fast forward… after about 8 years, I think…, I started my own startup with two friends, Interactions lab, and we produced some good products, the most successful is AgroGo, a trading application for agricultural markets. While this startup is still alive, It’s not a reliable source of income yet, so right now I also work as a consultant / software developer for another company and  sometimes, when I get bored, I write on this blog or develop my own Android applications… just because it’s fun. You can check my apps here.

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