Android Application Promotion Journey

Right now I have four Android application on the store: Interval Round Timer, Facts No Yes, Loop Player and Snowflakes Fights Back!. I started working on them about 6 months ago in my spare time, shortly after I bought my first Android phone. Soon after I launched my first app, I decided to learn more about application promotion. I started … Continue reading Android Application Promotion Journey

Loop player ported to Android

Finally, I had some time to port my Loop Player application from Windows Phone to Android.  Both the original and the Android versions are far from perfect, but it helps me while practicing the guitar. They're perfect for my needs. I had some difficulties with the Android version because I needed to add playback speed support … Continue reading Loop player ported to Android

Android ObjectAnimator independent of global animator duration

Until now, I have released two Android games Snowflakes Fight Back  and Facts No Yes and I am working on my third game. Contrary to all recommendations, these games are written in Java using the classic Android SDK, I mean I use ImageView and ObjectAnimator instances. I have a good reason to do this, but I … Continue reading Android ObjectAnimator independent of global animator duration