Interval Round Timer


Easy to use workout timer application for Android.

The application uses a very intuitive user interface, designed to help you spend less time configuring the app and more time working out. It has big controls and big text on the screen, making it accessible for everybody. Get it on Google Play

Loop Player


🗣 Study languages, 🎸 practice musical instruments, 🎧 listen eBooks or music.

Loop Player is an A – B repeating player (repeating user defined part of audio between A and B points) with advanced controls and playback speed support. This repeat media player app is very useful to study new languages, practice music, dance or tai-chi trainees or listen to eBooks. Loop Player was originally designed for learning guitar but you can also use it for practicing any musical instrument, listen audio books, learn courses and many more.

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To-Do – Checklist


Easy to use, offline, To-Do list application.

To-Do Checklist is a simple to use to-do list that makes it easy to plan your activities. Whether it’s for work, school or home, To-Do will help you increase your productivity. The application has a nice and intuitive user interface. You can define multiple task lists and for each list you can define tasks with due date, notes and so on.

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Timetable – Weekly Schedule


Simple to use 📅 weekly schedule application.

Timetable is a simple to use, intuitive application for managing your school, business, work or any other weekly activities. The application is designed to be easy to use and is not bloated with lots of fields that must be filled. You simply need to fill in the event name, select a time range and save. After that, you can simply swipe left and right to see what’s coming up in your schedule.

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