Loop Player

Loop Player is the best looper application for Windows Phone. It can be used to play a part of a song, over and over again at various playback speeds. If you want to practice a song, or simply figure out a fast solo by ear, there is not better method than using a looper. You can play the same part over and over slowly, start playing along and then increase the playback speed as you increase your skills.

The main page.

The interface is really simple. You have two buttons called A and B. If you hit A you set the starting point of your loop. By hitting B you set the ending point of the loop. Then for each button you have two controllers and two extra buttons. You can use these to fine-tune your loop’s starting and ending positions. On the bottom of the screen you have the speed controller, where you can change the playback speed and of course below the speed controller is the main menu, where you can load the songs from your library.

Songs are loaded from your Media Library

Simple isn’t it? If you like it, you can download it by pressing the link below:

Download from Windows Store